Robert Alexander- WPSD’s Home Experts

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1. Our upcoming auctions in Marshall County, KY.

2. If a property sells before auction are the terms the same or do they change to standard real estate terms?

3. I've inherited my father's home and contents. I'm not interested in keeping the contents. What are my options for selling?

4. Upcoming equipment auction.

5. RARE Auction Group App.

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What our clients say

"Dear Robert,

I was personally touched by the generosity you showed New Pathways over the sale of our house on Briarcliff. Not only did you provide us with exceptional and professional auction services, but you also blessed our children by covering our fees which helps us more than you know. Your generosity helped to put us on the right foot financially to move forward in reaching out to more children. We are blessed to be able to do this ministry and are only able to do so because of people in the community like you.

We hope to stay in touch and will always remember your services if we need them again in the future. Thank you again and God bless!

Dr. Ricky Burse
Executive Director"

New Pathways for Children

— Dr. Ricky Burse, Executive Director New Pathways for Children