We invite you to join a group of elite Brokers who wish to capitalize on this phenomenon – forming a mutually rewarding relationship with Robert Alexander Real Estate & Auction Co./RARE Auction Group.

Through this VIP referral alliance comes the opportunity to become involved in high end real estate auctions affording your clients a successful outcome beyond expectations. The sale of their quality assets at top dollar, and you get the credit. Realtors: You can earn a referral fee, a co-op fee, a recommendation fee and an opening bid/buyer fee. Here’s a short version of how we work with Realtors.

Realtors/Brokers-Referral fee:

Two ways referral fees are usually paid. 1. Real Estate brokers, many that we know and others that we often don’t know, referring owners with properties that are in need to sell quickly some locally and many in one of the 5 states we are licensed. 2. Realtors that we usually do know or knows of us, calls us about a property he/she is aware of that might be a good property to Auction but does not have it listed, “here’s the owners name and address, I have told them about you, good luck.” Both of these circumstances we discuss or negotiate the referral fee and sign an agreement before we are given information about the seller or the address of the property. All referral fee agreements are subject to the approval of the seller.

Co-op fee:

Two ways co-op fees are usually paid. 1. Often we are contacted by a Real Estate professional that has a current listing agreement on a property that he/she and the owner want to discuss selling at Auction. If we conduct an Auction on this property it is with the cooperation of the listing agent whereby the property is sold (often subject to the agents listing agreement) with a new Auction listing agreement signed by all parties. With top fees shared. 2. Often we are quietly contacted by the property owner requesting a private consultation. Some want us to work with their listing agent, others do not. If the listing agent has a current listing agreement, and we conduct an Auction on the property, it is with the cooperation of the listing agent whereby the property is sold (often subject to the agents listing agreement) with a new Auction listing agreement signed by all parties. All co-op fee agreements are subject to the approval of the sellers.

Don’t let that listing expire. Realtors are painfully aware that when listing agreements expire, owners often list with a new office and all the hard work of the past agent goes unrewarded-he/she usually earns “0” no matter their investment. Often the new listing agent senses the sellers’ urgency, picks up the phone and calls the Auction Company, earning her easiest commission ever.

Recommendation fee:

Although unprecedented, we pay a recommendation fee in certain circumstances. If we know a Real Estate Agent is the procuring cause for RARE Auction Group listing a property to Auction, under the following or similar circumstances, we pay a recommendation fee. Most often, 1. The Property owner did not know of our Auction Company until the Realtor specifically recommended us, often by phone, or 2. The property owner was convinced by the Realtor that we are the best/only Auction Company for the job. We simply ask the seller why they called us. With the sellers’ approval, if the Realtor is the procuring cause of our success and the property is sold and closed, they earn a recommendation fee. Often the seller is shopping for advice and calls several Realtors. We pay that Realtor that recommended Rare Auction Group exclusively. All recommendation fee agreements are paid subject to the approval of the sellers.

Opening bid/Realtor participation fee:

On the selling side, if a Realtor wants to participate in one of our upcoming Auctions, they simply show the property to their customer, register their customer/bidder at least 24 hours in advance of the Auction and give a written opening bid to earn the top dollar commission. Of course they are required to attend the Auction with the customer. All opening bid/Realtor participation fee agreements are subject to the approval of the sellers and agreed-upon in advance of the Auction. For more details including terms and conditions that vary from Auction to Auction please contact the Auction Company at 1-800-307-SOLD.

Once an Auction Listing Agreement is signed our complete staff and attention is devoted to your clients property. Working together to attain, for your seller, all the market will bear. Our sellers definition of a successful auction is our #1 goal.


  • Lucrative commissions – fast
  • Creates large list of highly motivated/qualified prospects
  • Offers clients and customers new, better selling & purchasing options
  • Almost no distractions to Realtor’s ongoing business
  • You develop a new market niche
  • Assurance that property will be sold at market value
  • Property is sold within a given short period of time
  • Super exposes property, yet less seller intrusive
  • It Works


  • Overly aggressive marketing increases interest, visibility and exposure of property
  • All showings scheduled
  • Carrying costs eliminated
  • Accelerated selling and closing date
  • Seller knows exactly when the property will sell
  • Buyers compete with the market place (other buyers) not the seller
  • Cash type sale – no contingencies
  • It Works


  • Committed Sellers
  • Great deals
  • Multi-property or multi-parcel auctions allows the buyer to see many offerings at once
  • Buyer’s set their own price
  • Haggling eliminated
  • Searching eliminated
  • Known purchasing & closing date
  • Fair competition between buyers
  • Extensive inspections and previews allowed
  • It Works