Why Buy at Auction?

Because it’s thrilling, because it’s exciting, because it’s fun, because it’s smart, because it’s fast and easy! Buying at auction has a built-in assurance that you are buying ‘worth the money’ as you are only paying one bid over what the next bidder was willing to bid. There is no long-term negotiating or market haggling.

Bidder Tips:

You have done your homework and are totally ready to take full advantage of the auction process. Aggressive bidding gets the job done. Only one bidder can win. You cannot buy at your price unless you bid your price. Most bidders will be thinking the same price range. The one who bids that number first wins that day.

The owner chose an auction because it allows them to get the job done ASAP, to turn their assets into cash in a more immediate, cost-effective way. Ordinary selling can be very intrusive to sellers, and sometimes takes months or longer to get the job done. Auctions take days, hours and sometimes even less. This is best for the sellers because expenses stop when they choose—not when the market does.  Be on your time, not someone else’s.