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Please follow the link below to watch Robert Alexander as he answers the following questions on this episode of WPSD’s Home Experts Liveline.

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1. I live in IL, My mom lives in IN, Her health is getting bad and we are thinking about liquidating her estate. Can you help us with that?
2. I’m thinking about selling my home in auction, do I need to have a home inspection done before selling?
3. What properties tend to do better in auction?
4. I have seen your ads for years, I often see offered in tracts combined or separate, what does that mean?
5. Why does every item in auction have buyer’s premium?

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What our clients say

"Ashley & Staci - I was so pleased with the on-line auction you conducted for us. All we had to do was designate what was to be listed for sale and you did everything else. All your hard work and the extra mile you went to make things simple and easy for us were greatly appreciated. We gladly and whole-heartedly sing your praises to one and all. You were both great and we give you a '10' in the auction Olympics! Thanks so much for everything! Robbie Uvanni"

— Robbie Uvanni