Robert Alexander’s – WPSD’s Home Experts Liveline

Please follow the link below to watch Robert Alexander as he answers the following questions on this episode of WPSD’s Home Experts Liveline.

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1. Tell me about the equipment auction you have coming up
2. How long does it take to close the deal after selling property?
3. My aunt passed away and did not leave a will. Can we still sell at auction?
4. What taxes do we pay on proceeds if we sold our property?
5. What if an auction doesn’t cover our mortgage we owe on our house?
6. How does weather effect auctions?

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What our clients say

Dear Robert, Ashley & Staci, Thank you all for making what I thought would never happen, happen! Robert, You gave me hope when I was hopeless. You all have been so nice and I am forever grateful for your help & service! Thanks again, Katie Adams