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1. My parents have moved to assistant living and they are wanting too much for their home that was built in 1966 so it is dated. It is 3500 sq.ft., 2 acres & 2 lots. Could an auction be a benefit for them?
2. Does having two lots combined or separate often drive up the auction price?
3. I have heard fall is the best time to have an auction, is that true or is there a better time of year to do so?
4. My grandparents were hoarders and we have a ton of items we would like to sell in auction. Can we sell it all in one day or would it need to be consecutive days?
5. What states around here are you licensed?
6. If I am interested in buying a home at auction, can I get the home inspected before hand?
7. Are there any fees attached to the buyer and/or seller in an auction?

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